150th Aniversary Poem

Read by Melissa Dabrowski aged 9 years at St Peter’ Church, Darwen on Sunday, 9th July 2006

Written by Richard Elgwood

Way back in 1856
James Ainsworth was the man,
Who in a street named after him
The business first began.

The carriage then it  reigned supreme,
Before the car was born:
So carriages were built by him
And by his horses drawn.

They’d ply their very solemn trade
And for the mourners sake,
With dignity James Ainsworth,
All matters undertake.

But did you know that in those days
One more thing he began?
From Ainsworth Street to Blackburn Town
The first bus service ran.

I rather like the horse and cart
Or carriage should I say,
You often see they are still used
On People’s wedding day.

So looking lovely and in state
The bride and groom are sat,
And when it’s time for me to go,
I’d like to go like that.

I think that it’s a great idea
It might make things less sad:
It might turn out to be a hit
I’ll have a word with Dad.

But just for now that cannot be
For now departed souls,
Must settle for a second best
A Bentley, Jag or Rolls.

James ran the firm for 20 years
Then Edwin took it on,
Until he died in 1912
And then it was his sons’.

A strange thing in our history
Allow me to explain,
The number 56 comes up
Time and time again.

In 1856 it’s launched
And those two mavericks,
Edwin and then also James,
Both died aged 56.

If with the business you have been
Involved at any stage,
You’d really better watch your step
When You get to that age.

Big changes in the following years
Began in ’31,
Expansion brought in outside help
A new regime’s begun.

Then taxi services were run
And petrol too was sold,
A Humber, their first car, was bought
Or so I have been told…

I’m much too young to know all this,
But Two are not – they say,
Jack Grimshaw – Edna Ainsworth are
Both with us today.

To end let’s pray a little prayer
And this is what it’s for:
That Edwin Ainsworth Limited
May last one fifty more!