100th Anniversary

Words taken from our advert in the Darwen News 9th March 1956

Naturally, we take a certain pride in the fact that our firm is now in its 100th year, but our real satisfaction comes not from the cold fact that we are now observing our 100th anniversary, but from the knowledge that during these years we have been useful and helpful to the people of Darwen and vicinity.

Merely to exist, even for a long time is nothing. ┬áRock may exist for untold centuries, and still be useless. ┬áNot until it is dressed and fitted into place does it start to serve – and possibly thus become a part of a home, a public building a great cathedral.

That, then, is the thought we would like to leave with you; we have devoted our years to serving the community and we have tried sincerely to serve conscientiously and well. During the years to come we shall, we promise you now, strive always to deserve the continued confidence and respect of our many friends.