Find a Grave

As a long-established company, we wanted to give something back to the local community that we could offer from our establishment. We happened to stumble across a website called ‘Find A Grave’ owned by This website allows users to upload memorials around the world making it easier to find graves that have been added if their GPS location has been added. This has been proven beneficial in recent years for people locating graves, especially on uneven cemetery grounds.

With us being the oldest Darwen business starting back in 1856 we have thousands of records meaning we can re-look at these and upload them to ‘Find A Grave’.

As a company, we are in a trade organisation called ‘SAIF’ Society of Allied Independent Funeral Directors. SAIF every month sends us a magazine filled with information on things that may be of interest that have been happening within the trade and also of our colleagues in the industry with things they have been doing within their communities. This magazine is sent out to all members of SAIF.

Darwen Cemetery is helped with the maintenance of its grounds by a small group of volunteers, ‘The Friends of Darwen Cemetery’. They give any spare time they each have to help keep Darwen Cemetery accessible to the public. As well as maintaining the cemetery they have uploaded memorials to ‘Find a Grave’ to help the public with finding graves easier, while Darwen Heritage Centre is providing information about the history of some of the memorials within Darwen Cemetery.